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List of TMJ Symptoms

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is the joint where your jaw articulates with your skull.  The joint is comprised of your mandible, or jaw bone, and the temporal bone of your skull.  A small disc that helps motion occur is located in the joint where the two bones meet in your TMJ. If you have TMJ dysfunction, […]

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What Problems can Teeth Grinding Cause?

A Brief Introduction to Teeth Grinding from a Puyallup Dentist When an individual finds out that they have a chronic teeth-grinding problem, also known as bruxism in the medical world world, many people are not sure of what the physical implications of this condition may be. The first thing to know is that grinding and […]

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Remedies for Bad Breath

Everyone longs for fresh breath, since it is a sign of a healthy and active person. If you are suffering from bad breath or halitosis, you will be self-conscious; you will probably even feel embarrassed among your social circle. Fortunately you can have a fresh breath by following a few simple and effective cures and […]

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