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Ways To Get Rid of Bad Breath

Everyone longs for fresh breath, since it is a sign of a healthy and active person. If you are suffering from bad breath or halitosis, you will be self-conscious; you will probably even feel embarrassed among your social circle. Fortunately you can have a fresh breath by following a few simple and effective cures and remedies.

  • Regular brushing and flossing:

Plaque and odor-causing bacteria in your mouth are caused due to the food caught between your teeth. If you do not brush or floss regularly, the microbes in your mouth will interact with the food particles and develop into stinky substances in your mouth. To avoid bad odors from your mouth, you should brush and floss at least twice a day, especially after having meals. However, very aggressive brushing can wear down the enamel of your teeth, and you might suffer from tooth decay at an early age.

  • Tongue scraping:

Improper or incomplete digestion can cause a thick layer of dead cells, food particles, and microbes on your tongue. This layer is known as ‘ama,’ and it can be another reason for bad breath. Along with brushing and flossing, you should scrape your tongue on a regular basis. This will help you to remove the “ama” from your tongue and eventually you will always have fresh breath.

  • Rinsing out your mouth:

To protect your mouth from plaque-causing bacteria, you should rinse your mouth with anti-bacterial mouthwashes. Such mouthwashes contain zinc that neutralizes the malodorous sulfur compounds developed by bacteria in the mouth. Besides protection, anti-bacterial mouthwashes freshen your breath straight away. However you should avoid any mouthwashes that contain alcohol. Alcohol can cause dryness in your mouth, and it will not help you to have fresh breath.

  • Keep your mouth moist:

Saliva is a natural way to keep the mouth moist and avoid the bacteria in the mouth settling down and breeding. Imbalanced saliva secretion in the mouth is caused due to some seasonal effects. Heat exposure can also dry out your mouth and cause bad breath. To keep your mouth moist, drink plenty of water and other fluids. Watery fruits and vegetables like cucumbers and oranges can reduce the excessive heat in the stomach, which is another cause of bad breath. Chew sugarless gum to help encourage saliva secretion in the mouth.

  • Avoid stinky foods:

You should check out your diet if you are suffering from bad breath. Especially, if you have to attend some social or work occasion, you should avoid eating onion, garlic, tobacco, and alcohol. These foods contain volatile substances that make their way into your lungs through the blood stream and you breathe the unpleasant odors out.

  • Chew breath freshening herbs:

Make a habit to chew small amount of fresh parsley, spearmint, or cranberries for a minute or so. This will eliminate offending odors from other foods and make plaque-causing bacteria less sticky in the mouth. Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, celery, and carrots also help in reducing plaque caused on teeth.

  • Quit smoking:

The intake of tobacco and smoke will not only make your breath worse, but eventually it will damage your gum tissues, stain your teeth, and cause oral cancer as well as lung cancer in your body. Take prescribed medication that can assist you in giving up smoking for a healthy life.

  • Consult a doctor:

If the above remedies won’t work, you should consult your doctor to have your mouth examined for any other medical problem that might be a hurdle in having fresher breath. Lung and kidney diseases can result in excretion of toxins in the lungs that might cause unpleasant odors in your mouth. Acidity in the stomach due to spicy foods can also be another reason that needs to be treated to eliminate bad breath.

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