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Dental Bridges Procedure

tooth is missingWhat are Dental Bridges?

If you have teeth missing, dental bridges are a great solution to fill unsightly gaps and the experts at SK Family Dental are experienced in creating natural looking bridges.

Made from gold, metal, porcelain or alloy dental bridges are extremely strong and withstand wear very well. The bridge is attached to your existing teeth and span the area where the tooth is missing.

What to expect with Dental Bridges

Firstly, your existing teeth are prepared by a process of re-contouring which provides a solid base for the bridge. A mold is then made of the area and sent to a dental lab where the bespoke bridge is constructed carefully to precisely fit your mouth. Two crowns are placed at either end of the bridge which are used to secure the it into place over your natural tooth and a ponic which is the new tooth, is created to sit snugly in the gap.

While your bespoke bridge is being constructed at the lab, your dentist, Dr. Kwon, will fit you with a temporary bridge. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the temporary bridge will protect the prepared teeth and exposed gums in the interim period while you wait for your new bridge to be prepared.

Once the permanent bridge arrives back from the lab, Dr. Kwon will set the bridge in place by using adhesive to fix it in place.

Although the bridge may take a little while to get use to, after a few days you should have become use to it and your teeth will feel perfectly natural. It is wise to only eat soft food for the initial settling in period however, after this it is possible for you to eat anything you like with no discomfort or risk to the new bridge.

Missing teeth do not just affect your smile. In some cases, having a gap can cause structural changes to your mouth as well as making eating and speaking difficult.

Set up an appointment today with your Puyallup Dental Bridges specialist, Dr. Jinsam Kwon and restore our smile to its full beauty, we can be reached at (253) 770-0198.