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Cosmetic Dentistry in Puyallup WA

cosmetic dentistry provides the perfect smile What do you think is the first thing a person notices when they meet you for the first time? Your eyes, your body, how you talk, how you smell, the clothes you’re wearing? If you thought one of those options was the answer, you’d be wrong. Several studies have shown the first thing that most people see is your smile.

If you want to make a good first impression, you’ll want to show off a smile that attracts rather than repels. However, sadly, not everyone is born with a perfect set of teeth or an attractive smile.

Here at SK Family Dental, we’ve helped many patients make improvements to their smile, both minor and major. Whatever your needs, we can help you make the best choice for your oral health.

Until a few years ago, if you had an imperfect set of teeth, you had no option but to live like that. However, today there are several of cosmetic dentistry procedures performed by our cosmetic dentist that can help you get a perfect smile.

Why Should I Visit a Cosmetic Dentist?

Smiles can need some improvement for a number of reasons, including one or more missing teeth, uneven teeth, and stained teeth. Such issues can prevent people from smiling openly and enjoying themselves comfortably.

If you find it uncomfortable to smile or if you’re afraid of being judged, we may be able to help you rediscover your confidence. Our cosmetic dentist will provide you the cosmetic dental care that you need.

Some of the benefits of undergoing Cosmetic Dentistry in Puyallup include:

  • More Confidence

With a perfect set of teeth, you will not feel scared of smiling openly. You’ll feel confident and more eager to show off your newly-acquired smile.

  • Improved Social Life

People who smile more tend to make friends easily as others feel more comfortable around them. Having a beautiful smile will help you attract more people and may improve your personal life as well.

  • Happiness

Some may find it a bit strange, but according to science the more you smile the happier you get. This is why it is important to smile more as smiling can have a positive impact on your mood.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures Performed by Cosmetic Dentists at SK Family Dental

We perform a large number of cosmetic dentistry procedures in Puyallup. They’re all designed to correct different issues but with one aim – to give you a perfect smile.


Bleaching, more commonly known as teeth whitening, is a process that involves giving your teeth a clean white color. It’s easy for your teeth to change color over time especially if you love to consume coffee or smoke cigarettes. Bleaching can correct stains and general discoloration. While there are a lot of teeth-bleaching products you can buy yourself and use at home, you will see the best results if you get a bleaching treatment at our office.


Tooth damage can be ugly. Whether it’s the result of years of neglect or a sudden accident, most people want their misshapen or broken teeth to be covered up. A crown does just that: covers it up. Crowns can be a bit pricey, but they will completely restore the appearance of teeth, and they often last a very long time.


If you find crowns too expensive, then veneers can be a viable cosmetic option for you. Instead of covering the whole tooth like crowns, veneers are thin layers of plastic or porcelain applied to the front surface of the tooth to hide chips and discolorations.


One of the easiest and most affordable options for filling cavities and covering up discolorations is bonding tooth-colored resins to the teeth, which only requires one visit to the dentist and lasts many years.

This is one of the cheapest cosmetic dentistry options, but that lower cost can also mean a slightly lower quality than the alternatives; bonded composite resins are more likely to break and chip than their crown or veneer counterparts.


Crowns just cover up poorly shaped teeth, contouring actually changes the physical structure of a tooth to correct crooks, buff out chips, and just generally make a weird tooth look like a normal tooth. This procedure is usually combined with bonding to produce the best results.

Contouring is recommended for those only wanting subtle changes to their smile, as the worst cases of misshapen teeth are better off being capped with a crown.

How Much Will a Trip to a Cosmetic Dentist Cost?

The overall cost depends on the nature of the procedure that you need. However, remember that most cosmetic dentistry procedures are not covered under dental insurance.

We are among the most affordable clinics offering Cosmetic Dentistry in Puyallup. Our Puyallup cosmetic dentists are well experienced and skilled and we cater to all kinds of patients.

If you are in need of Cosmetic Dentistry in Puyallup, contact us online, or call our office at (253) 770-0198. We can help you move towards the smile you’ve always wanted.