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Restorative Dentistry in Puyallup, WA

beautiful smile SK Family Dental offers a number restorative dentistry services in Puyallup, WA. We take pride in offering our patients options to help them restore the look and feel of their smile. We work hard to ensure your teeth stay healthy for years to come.

What are the Benefits of Restorative Dentistry?

Even more important than having a beautiful smile is the need to have a functional set of teeth. When you are missing teeth or have broken teeth, you are putting yourself at risk for further damage, infection, or even more tooth loss.

When you do not have a full set of teeth, your teeth can start to move over time and this will create more problems for you. Restoring your smile by replacing missing teeth, preventing  teeth grinding, and getting treatment for pain disorders associated with your mouth, neck, and jaw can all help ensure you have a beautiful and healthy smile.

Here are some of the restorative dental services we offer:

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges help patients replace missing teeth and restore their smile in a short period of time. After one visit you can walk away with a temporary bridge that allows you to smile at everyone you meet. When your permanent dental bridge is ready, we’ll bring you back to finish the procedure. Using porcelain, gold, metal alloys, or a combination of materials, our dental lab will build you a beautiful tooth give you a winning smile.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are used for a variety of purposes in dentistry. Whether you need a crown to cover a tooth that has undergone a root canal, or you’re getting dental implants to complete your smile, crowns are long-lasting, beautiful, and look like your real teeth. Made from strong porcelain, gold, or alloys, crowns are prepared from impressions taken of your existing teeth and built in our dental labs.

Partial Crowns

Partial crowns are also known as onlays and inlays and are a reliable solution to help repair a tooth that has been damaged. Inlays are used when there is not a lot of damage to the existing tooth, whereas onlays are used when more damage has occurred. If there is an infection present, the tooth will be cleaned and prepared for the partial crown. Our dental office is proud to offer you a number of options to help repair your teeth.


Despite what you might think about dentures, they are still a popular choice for people who are missing many teeth or who have had several teeth removed at once. Dentures are more robust than ever and made from long-lasting, durable materials that look and feel like real teeth. It would be very hard for people to tell that a set of dentures were not your own teeth. Fit to suit your needs, partial and full dentures are available at our Puyallup, WA dental office.

Dental Implants

Looking for a more permanent solution for your missing teeth? Dental implants are the best option for someone who is missing teeth, especially in the front of the mouth where it is difficult to make a crown or bridge look really good. What’s more, dental implants don’t require any preparation of the surrounding teeth, so your existing teeth stay in good working order. Dental implants take time to make and set, but once the work is done, the result is always worth the effort.

TMJ / TMD Treatment

Temporomandibular Mandibular Joint Disorder is a common disorder that plagues people of all ages. It is typically associated with grinding teeth and can cause pain, swelling, redness, discomfort, and even an uneven bite if a patient is favouring one side of their mouth because of pain. At SK Family Dental, we offer TMJ treatments that can help you get back to living your life without pain or discomfort.

Choose SK Family Dental in Puyallup, WA for Restorative Dentistry Services

If you are are suffering from pain in your teeth, neck, or jaw, or if you’re missing teeth and are afraid to show your smile to the world, SK Family Dental can help. Dr. Kwon and our dedicated team can help you regain your confidence and ensure your teeth are in good working order.

We take great pride in helping our patients care for their teeth. Regardless of age, you deserve a healthy, beautiful smile. Contact our Puyallup, WA dental office today to set up an appointment to discuss restorative options so you can get back to enjoying your smile.

Set up an appointment today with Dr. Samuel Kwon and restore our smile to its full beauty. We can be reached at (253) 770-0198.