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Rebuild Your Smile with Dentures

Types of Dentures

Denture If you have lost teeth, dentures may well be the right option for you. This solution is appropriate if all the natural teeth have been removed or only some are missing. Dentures can be removed from the mouth and put back whenever you choose.

Full dentures are used when no natural teeth are present and there are two types;

  • Conventional Full Dentures

    – When all natural teeth are removed and the tissue is given time to heal before the dentures are placed. During this healing period you will be without teeth completely.

  • Immediate Full Dentures

    – Before any teeth are removed, your Puyallup WA dentist will take measurements of your mouth and create a set of dentures for use straight away. Although you will not have to spend any time without teeth, this type of denture requires refitting after a period of time to account for changes to the jaw-one after the natural teeth are removed and as the tissue heals.

A partial set of dentures can also be used instead of a bridge when not all of your teeth need to be removed. The difference to a normal bridge however is that partial dentures are removable.

Some patients find that dentures take a while to feel natural. The base, which is flesh toned, is placed over the natural gum and some people report it feels bulky or that there is not enough room for their tongue. However, any unusual feelings or difficulty eating and talking generally lessen over time and having dentures is certainly preferable to the alternative which is having no teeth at all.

Caring for dentures is carried out with as much care as for natural teeth. Normal brushing to remove food and plaque is carried out as if for your own teeth. Once they have been removed, placing them directly in a cleaning solution or water which is at room temperature will keep your dentures from drying out and becoming damaged. Hot water can warp or damage dentures as they are delicate. Dentures require careful handling to keep them in tip-top condition. To ensure they continue to fit comfortably and function properly, it’s important to schedule regular checkups with your dentist. If any adjustments are required, you should always seek assistance from your same-day dentist nearby to avoid potential damage or discomfort.

So if you are in need of dentures in Puyallup, contact Dr. Kwon who will be happy to help. (253) 770-0198