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Oral Care After Tooth Extraction

extraction-procedure If you need to have a tooth removed for any reason, deciding what will be done with the empty space before the extraction procedure is important.

The location of wisdom teeth, at the back of the mouth, means that the area will heal on its own and not require anything to fill the space.

In other areas of the mouth, if a tooth is removed, it is possible that the jaw may change shape while healing and the remaining teeth may move. This can not only be unsightly but can also cause issues with the functioning of the jaw and mouth, problems chewing and even speaking.

A dental implant is a worthwhile consideration in these circumstances; however the jaw bone must be sturdy enough to support the new tooth. A dental bridge is a good option and preparations for the bridge must be carried out prior to any shift in the teeth taking place. This means carrying out the first phase of fitting soon after the extraction.

Puyallup dentist, Dr. Kwon will always discuss your options fully with you before any extraction. They will explain all the options and help you decide which is the best one for you.

You should always schedule and attend any follow-up appointments with us by calling (253) 770-0198 after extraction to ensure any treatment plan is a success.