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Porcelain Dental Veneers

VeneersPrior to receiving your permanent veneer a temporary version will need to be fitted. A temporary veneer is not as strong or durable as the permanent version and so care should be taken when you are eating and cleaning your teeth.

Brushing gently and taking care not to pull floss through the teeth too vigorously as the temporary veneer may become dislodged. Sticky or chewy food should also be avoided.

After both the temporary and permanent veneer is in place, you may experience some sensitivity. This is completely normal and will subside after a few days as the tissue heals. Rinsing with a warm salt water solution will help the area heal more quickly. If the pain persists a gentle pain-killer such as Advil or Tylenol should help.

Some patients report that a new veneer feels a little strange in their mouth at first but this feeling goes away after few days as your mouth gets use to the feeling. However, if your bite feels strange in any way, you should get in touch with our office at (253) 770-0198 who will check if everything is normal.

In order to ensure the veneer stays in perfect condition regular flossing and brushing is important, pay special attention to the area between the veneer and the tooth at the gum line.

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