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Cosmetic Dentistry: Crown Lengthening

Cosmetic Dentistry in Puyallup, WA - Crown Lengthening, before and after images. Cosmetic dentistry is extremely popular as it can help you get a perfect smile, allow you to overcome your shortcomings and be more confident about your smile. This is why more and more people are opting to restore their smiles.

There are a variety of reasons why people opt for cosmetic dentistry procedures including affordability, high success rates, and the ease with which these procedures are performed.

One such procedure is crown lengthening. Read on to learn more about it.

What is Crown Lengthening?

It is a simple surgical procedure that is performed by an expert Puyallup dentist, usually a periodontist.

There are many reasons why this procedure may be a part of a treatment plan. It is performed to expose a part of the tooth so that the tooth can be restored prosthetically.

However, it may also be performed to access subgingival caries (damaged or decaying teeth areas), treat disproportions like a gummy smile, and treat perforations. In cosmetic dentistry, it is mostly used to correct a “gummy” smile that causes your teeth to appear short.

Your teeth may not actually be short. They may be of the proper length, but overgrown gum tissue covers a part of the teeth causing them to appear shorter than they are.

A dental crown lengthening procedure is usually the best option to treat this problem.

What is The Crown Lengthening Process?

The process reshapes both bone and gum tissue, exposing more of the natural tooth. In order to produce an aesthetically pleasing smile, crown lengthening can be performed on the entire gum line, multiple teeth, or just a single tooth.

During crown lengthening, the dentist separates the gums away from the teeth, with a series of small incisions. This separation allows the dentist to have access to the supporting bones, as well as the roots of the teeth.

In some cases, the dentist may need to also remove a small amount of the bone in addition to the tissue.

After achieving the necessary exposure, the affected gum tissue will be sterilized and stitched.

Why Perform Crown Lengthening?

While the primary reason for crown lengthening is to prepare the mouth for a certain cosmetic procedure, it can be performed for a variety of other reasons as well. These include:

  • Dental Crowns – Crown lengthening may be necessary when a patient is receiving a new crown according to a Murfreesboro Dentist. The process allows the dentist to expose more space between the dental crown and the supporting jawbone. This space ensures the new crown does not cause any damage to the bone and gum tissues once it’s in place.
  • Restoration – Tooth decay and trauma are quite common and can cause severe damage to the teeth. When this damage occurs beneath the gum line, crown lengthening can prepare the damaged area for cosmetic restoration.
  • Aesthetic Purposes – Extra gum tissue can not only affect the aesthetics of your smile, but can also increase the risk of various infections. In order to create a balanced, pleasant look, as well as decrease the susceptibility to infections, crown lengthening may be done to remove excess gum tissue.

More About the Procedure

The crown lengthening treatment is performed by a dentist and typically involves the use of a local anesthetic.

The duration of the process is largely dependent on the number of teeth, or the size of the area involved. Nonetheless, it is typically completed in a single sitting.

Due to the instant repositioning of the gums, the teeth that underwent crown lengthening will look longer immediately.

Is the Crown Lengthening Procedure Painful?

The procedure will not cause you any pain or trouble due to the use of local anesthesia. If your pain tolerance level is very low, you can let us know in advance and we may opt to use sedatives. However, in most cases, local anesthesia is enough.

There might be slight discomfort after the procedure. We’ll recommend you mild painkillers to ensure you do not have any trouble, as well as reduce the risk of infection.

It may take a few weeks for your tooth and gum to fully heal. You may feel a slight pain in the first few days but it’s usually not extreme, and you’ll be allowed to consume all kinds of foods once the tooth has fully healed.

Most patients who undergo crown lengthening are satisfied with the results. At SK Family Dental, we have an experienced team of dentists who can perform crown lengthening and other dental procedures with perfection.

Call (253) 770-0198 to know more. Based in Puyallup, WA, we are always available to care for your dental needs.

In case of a dental emergency, it is important to seek immediate attention from a qualified dental professional. Some common dental emergencies include:

  • Severe toothache
  • Tooth or gum trauma
  • Bleeding that will not stop
  • Infection
  • Lost filling or crown

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact your dentist or visit an emergency dental clinic immediately.


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