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5 Best Teeth Whitening Tips for Adults

Teeth Whitening Dull and yellow looking teeth is something a lot of us have to deal. There can be many reasons to lose the shine and whiteness such as digestive problems, poor brushing and flossing habits, bad diet, etc.

Losing the whiteness of our teeth is a big blow because it can affect our smile. It can also affect our confidence and relationships as well. About 96% of adults believe that having a good and attractive smile makes them more appealing to the opposite sex, hence, 32% of people are worried about how their teeth look.

There is a way to get whiter and brighter teeth. Teeth whitening is a process which involves using teeth whitening products or finding ways that can help restore the whiteness naturally.

Around 82.5% of people are satisfied with the results of undergoing a teeth whitening process from a dentist. In fact, about 100% of our patients are satisfied with our cosmetic teeth whitening services and many would even recommend SK Family Dental to their friends and family members.

Here are five best teeth whitening tips for adults:

Tips For Adults Who Undergo A Professional Teeth Whitening Process (In-Office)

Teeth whitening procedures carried out by professional dentists are common. The process involves the cosmetic dentist first cleaning your teeth and then applying a whitening gel, followed by using a special kind of light for the gel to wash away the stains, yellowness and unsightly features of the teeth, leaving behind whiter teeth.

The results can be seen just after the first visit, however, in some cases, several visits may be required.

To ensure that the teeth remain whiter for a long time, follow these tips:

Teeth Whitening Tips For Adults

To prevent your teeth from turning yellow again, check out the following tips:

  1. Use a Whitening Toothpaste: Pick a whitening toothpaste that is approved by the American Dental Association and brush your teeth regularly, at least twice a day. A whitening toothpaste is said to have certain ingredients, such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, which help in retaining the whiteness of the teeth.
  2. Use Mouthwash: Mouthwash can be used twice a day or after every meal since it helps to kill bacteria in the mouth and prevents tooth decay and discoloration.
  3. Switch to an Electric Toothbrush: Old toothbrushes can sometimes deteriorate the condition of your teeth rather than making them better. Their bristles may break and a proper cleaning may not take place. Switching to an electric toothbrush can solve this problem as they move at a rapid speed and can clean even and hard to reach places.
  4. Brush The Tongue: Little do we know that a lot of bacteria finds its home on our tongue. It’s important to brush the tongue and rinse the mouth so the bacteria can be eliminated.
  5. Say No To Certain Foods/Drinks: Drinking alcohol, tea, or coffee in excess can affect your teeth’s color and darken them. Avoiding these drinks will keep your teeth shining for a long period of time. Instead, opt for crunchy foods instead, they can clean the enamel as you chomp on them. Raw fruits, vegetables etc., are good examples.

Natural Ways To Whiten The Teeth

If you’re afraid of chemicals, you can take a different approach and go for natural ways to whiten their teeth.

  • Use Baking Soda: Brushing with baking soda is said to have tremendous results on the teeth. Several studies have shown how baking soda can contribute towards turning the teeth whiter and is also essential in removing plaque and eliminating yellow stains.
  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar: Studies have also shown that apple cider vinegar is effective at whitening teeth. It contains acetic acid which acts as a natural cleaning ingredient.

Other than this you can also try in-home techniques by using OTC kits etc., but make sure to ask your dentist first.

Get Brighter, Whiter Teeth Today

Dr. Jai from Healthy Smiles of Georgia says teeth whitening is an amazing process that brings back the whiteness of the teeth, however, the effects can soon wear off if the person doesn’t take care of their teeth.

It’s important to take care of your teeth so that you can smile wholeheartedly. If you are losing the whiteness of your teeth then visit us today. Call (253) 770-0198  to get a teeth whitening appointment.

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Dr. Kwon graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 2004. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business from UCLA. Dr. Kwon has been practing dentistry for over 10 years at his practice in Puyallup, WA.

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